R&D&I lines

The lines of R&D to be undertaken during the implementation of the project AMBU are:
Research of advanced infrastructures capable of providing high performance in simultaneous solution of massive calculation processes.
Research of comparison strategies between the GPU-based and CPU-based processing architectures.
Research the best hardware architectures to implement resource optimization processes.
Research and development of linear programming libraries for NVIDIA graphics cards.
Research and development algorithms of integer linear programming in highly distributed systems.
Research and development of an intelligent system capable of predicting the complexity of a linear programming model.
Research and development of parallel architectures (simultaneous parallel cards) for the implementation of linear programming processes and metaheuristics.
Study of the possible advantages of systems with CPUs and GPUs (and mixed) over current optimization systems (sequential systems).
Optimization of linear algebra libraries for GPUs.
Performance improvement of concurrent code on GPUs.
Create design patterns for parallel implementation of metaheuristics in CPUs and GPUs.


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